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Established in November of 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders with a mission to improve free throw shooting at all levels.


Part 1 - April 15, 2020

We launched our new NBSA website on to the Internet today, April 15, 2020. Our old NBSA website has not been on the Internet for several years. I recently decided to move forward with our free-throw mastery projects, initially using my funds. My bank, Bank of America, and a few others have given me a small business loan and credit lines to get things started. 

I plan to pay these loans back as soon as possible and stay on schedule. To be able to do that, I need your help. I need your
immediate help. I need your donations today.

Please donate today by purchasing an NBSA Membership. There are four NBSA Memberships to choose from, and they all give you full NBSA privileges. Those privileges are; NBSA tournament event entry, state, and national ranking in your age and ability level, Elite Free Throw Mastery Instruction, NBSA store discounts, and entire NBSA website access.

NBSA Memberships

1) Youth Membership, 8 to 14, $15 a year.
2) Young Adults Membership, 15 to 24, $25 a year.
3) Adults Membership, 25 to 90 and over, $50 a year.
4) NBSA Lifetime Family Membership, all ages, $500, which is tax-deductible.



If you are not ready to purchase your NBSA membership, please consider signing up for our 30-day free trial for full website access. We also offer an NBSA Ambassador Associate Membership. We need NBSA Ambassadors Associates to help us with recruiting new NBSA members. Anyone wishing to become one of our NBSA State Representative needs first to become an NBSA Ambassador Associate. The cost is only $5, and Ambassadors earn back $5 for every youth and young adult NBSA
member they sign up and get $10 back for every adult NBSA member.

You do not want to miss out on being able to access all of our website, especially the two members-only sections, NBSA Records and Free Throw Mastery. In our Records section, we keep the NBSA state and national rankings, NBA, WNBA, NCAA, and High School free throw and three-point percentages. And our NBSA tournament and member free throw and three-point shooting records.

In our Free Throw Mastery section, we offer our elite free-throw mastery instructional program with our Elite NBSA Team. Our NBSA Elite team is composed of our best shooters/teachers. In this FTM section, we are offering; instructional articles, video, game film, and virtual free-throw mastery instruction. We are offering the best free-throw mastery instruction from who we feel are the most qualified shooters and teachers in the world.

The NBSA Elite Free Throw Mastery Instructional Team, with our best shooters/teachers are composed of our seven top experts. Those experts are; Jim "Make Every" Schatz (Head Coach), Adam Filippi (Acclaimed Author and from the NBA),
James Pauley (NBSA ranked #1 in Free Throw), Bob Owen (NBSA ranked #5 in Free Throw / NBSA Elite Team Captain),
Ronn Wyckoff (NBSA ranked #6 in Free Throw), Al Callejas (NBSA ranked #1 3-point) and Eddie Palubinskas (NBSA ranked #2 in Free Throw). Our team, as a whole, shoots over 98% in practice, competition, and exhibitions.

The NBSA defines Free Throw Mastery as being able to demonstrate making (24-25) 96% or better from the free-throw line. We feel that to be able to teach free throw mastery, you must be able to demonstrate it. We will be adding two more elite NBSA shooters/teachers to our free-throw mastery instructional program over the next 90 days. These master teachers will be from our NBSA Coaches section on our website. If you think you are qualified to join our elite NBSA free-throw mastery instructional team or enter our NBSA Coaches section in your state, please notify me.

If you are unable to make an NBSA one year membership donation today, please make a $5 donation and become an NBSA Ambassador Site Fee Associate. We have sweetened the deal by not only giving away website lifetime access, but we are giving our NBSA Ambassadors back $5 for recruiting Youth and Young Adult members and $10 back per NBSA Adult
Member they have enlisted. In our Membership section, there is an NBSA Ambassador's link to sign up for that program. If you are interested in becoming one of our 50 NBSA State Representative, Only 47 still available, we would like you to start by becoming an NBSA Ambassador.


I will begin to bring in income through our NBSA website. Revenue will come from memberships, from our Annual National Masters Invitational held in October in Las Vegas, our National sanctioned tournament Programs, the products and services we sell from our store, and from our new Virtual Internet Instructional Programming.

I have been working on all the website details for the last 30 days with our new website designer and technician, Jamie Angeli. Many of you in the basketball industry, and our founders, know of Jamie from when we started our NBSA association in 2009. I invited him to join our organization as one of our original NBSA basketball consultants and join our founder's group.

Jamie is a great innovator, administrator, and coach. He has been working in basketball, from the west coast to the east coast, for practically all his life, holding many titles and wearing many hats. Please read his bio on our founder's page. You can find his contact information and websites in our NBSA store. Jamie still coaches, he hosts and makes websites, and he makes and sells coaches practice and game time information.

For back up and additional funding, we are looking for grants, we will be on funding websites, and I am actively seeking donations, sponsorships, and advertising. I have projected our 2020 operating expenses and budget at $250,000 and, in 2021, approximately $500,000.

PHASE #1 - $15,000

Phase one is 50% completed. We have rebuilt the NBSA website with additional sections and started working on the new video instructional technology. The cost has been approximately $5,500 thus far.

There is still a ton of information to be added and organized on the website. The strategy and plan is very detail - intensive. I've rented a small office, on the top of a mountain, in Los Angeles to conduct the NBSA business. The rent is $315 a month, and we have Wifi and are getting a business land phone, which is another small monthly expense. I am using my Post Office PO box in Verdugo City for our mailing and shipping address. As we go, we will be expanding our office, electing volunteer officers, hiring employees, and leasing or purchasing necessary office equipment and technology.

I no longer have much of an income coming from my window tinting businesses due to the Pandemic. I decided to put them up for sale. I plan on working full time for the NBSA on our National Program, Free Throw Mastery instruction, and for our charity organization, Free Throw Nation. I plan to pay myself a salary eventually as a temporary NBSA National Executive Director. I am also going to need a company van for transportation. My goal is to be organized in all 50 states before I can think of retiring. I want to accomplish that in the next three years, four years, if we are unable to hold our October 2020 events due to the Coronavirus or whatever it is?

I am interviewing attorneys and am open to referrals and suggestions. We need an attorney familiar with incorporating as a tax-exempt non-profit, and familiar with sports, entertainment, and national sports associations. I am also looking for the right accountant for help in keeping our books and for corporate, non-profit tax consultation. I am applying for our non-profit status and looking into purchasing the proper liability insurance to ensure our brand, and funds are safe and protected.

Phase #1 will take another 30 to 60 days to complete, and as time marches on, keep coming back to our NBSA website to view our progress, projects and development.

When we complete Phase #1, we will have our NBSA website sections and projected programs up and running. Our income will have begun. We will have picked our legal consul, have set up our books, have liability insurance, and we will have spent
approximately $15,000.

We should be ready then with additional funding, which is necessary to continuously allow us to implement the next three Phases in strategy.

Phase #2 - $30,000

Phase #3 - $60,000

Phase #4 - $120,000





$10,000 Estimated Prize Pool

(25 and Over)

Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday, October 8, 2021
8:30am - 2:30pm

Location: Heinrich YMCA, 4141 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Held in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games (

Past NBSA Champions: Rick Rosser, Ed Palubinskas, Bob Owen, James Pauley, Bob McCoid, John Ackerman, Mike Scudder, Fred Newman, Ann O'Neill and Duane Shaw.

Three NBSA Championship format events:

1.  NBSA National Free Throw Championship (25 shots)
2. NBSA National Three Point Championship (25 shots)
3. NBSA National Make Every Shot Challenge (60 seconds / 2 rounds)

*All three events are combined, both men and women compete together in one division.

This is an OPEN/PRO related event.

The NBSA Championship Format - The top 16 scores from the Age Division Competitions, 50 and over from the Nevada State Senior Games and 25 and over from the NBSA Invitational, qualify and are seeded into a single elimination draw where they go head-to-head alternating shots, first to 25 wins. Tied, sudden death.  Winners advance to the next round to determine the champion.

NBSA Entry Fee $125 - NBSA Membership Fee $50 (required)
Includes: Entry to all three events, certificate of excellence, trophies, sponsor awards, cash prizes,
NBSA ranking and t-shirt.

Deadline - September 30, 2021  *Late Entry $150 at event.

For Information:
Jim "Makevery" Schatz
(Cell) 310-975-5236
2816 Honolulu Ave., #141
Verdugo, CA 91046

Pay by Pay Pal or Credit / Debit Card through our website store at


October 11, 2021 - 8 am to 12:30 pm

Directed by the National Basketball Shooters Association

Top 16 Shooters will compete head to head
First to make 25 wins. If tied at 25, sudden death, first to miss.

Winners receive:
Trophy and name engraved on a perpetual plaque
NBSA T-Shirt
NBSA Certificate of Excellence
Plus Sponsor prizes

The NBSA, National Basketball Shooters Association, will once again direct the 2020 9th Annual Head to Head NBSA - HUNTSMAN World Senior Free Throw Championship. The top sixteen scores from the free throw portion of the Huntsman World Senior Games free throw / three-point age division competition will qualify. Free throw qualifiers will then be placed into a 16 shooter draw sheet by how well they shot in qualifying. The free throw qualifiers will then go head to head, alternating shots, first to make 25 wins, and then moves on to the next round, if tied at 25, sudden death, first to miss.

*The sixteen shooters who qualify must have an NBSA membership to compete. You can purchase a membership by clicking here. You can also purchase an NBSA membership at the championship.
The membership fee for adults over 25 years of age is $50 per year.

All 16 qualifiers will receive an official NBSA basketball (To be announced), NBSA Certificate of Excellence, and an NBSA T-Shirt. Semi-finalists, runner up, and the champion will also receive sponsor prizes (to be announced). The runner up and winner will win trophies, and our 2020 World Senior Champion will have their name engraved on our NBSA World Senior Free Throw Championship perpetual plaque. 

Register on the Huntsman World Senior Games website by clicking here

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Jim "Makevery" Schatz
Email: jim.freethrowmastery
Phone: (310) 975-5236

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