The NBSA, National Basketball Shooters Association, needs NBSA Ambassadors. We need NBSA Ambassadors to represent us in every community in the USA. NBSA Ambassadors can earn commissions of $5 or $10 per each new NBSA member recruited.

All that's necessary to get started as an Ambassador is to purchase an Ambassador Associate Membership for $5. You get full lifetime website access to all sections, which includes the members-only parts. The $5 barely covers our administrative expenses. Once you have become an NBSA Ambassador, I will contact you and personally help and guide you to maximize your membership earnings.

The NBSA's National Tournament program is vital to our organization and necessary for our free throw mastery instruction. Our mission is to improve basketball shooting at all levels of competition. We accomplish that through our NBSA programming and free throw mastery education.

The NBSA is continuously in need of funding, just like any other new enterprise. Although we have been in existence since 2009, and in our 9th annual tournament season, we are just beginning to organize nationally. Our immediate goal is to find NBSA Ambassadors who could qualify to become NBSA State Representatives for all the 50 states.

These NBSA State Representatives will manage the basketball shooting events held in their respective states. Every state in the USA has 100's of existing basketball shooting events every year.

The service organizations, the Elk's, and the Knights of Columbus hold the majority and these current events. Their events are for boys and girls from eight to fourteen years of age. Every year these outstanding national youth programs have over ten million participants.

The Seniors, over 50 years of age, compete in their states Senior Games and Senior Olympics. Over five million seniors are shooting free throws in these existing competitions.

The young adults and adults between 15 and 50 have few basketball shooting events, and they are the age group that plays the game and needs the basketball shooting competition the most. In a basketball game, 22% of all the points scored in the game are from getting fouled and then making the free-throws.

The free throw is an essential skill in the game of basketball. Similar to the putt in golf and the serve in tennis. Learning the correct basketball shooting fundamentals first takes place close to the basket with what is called "form shooting." Then by continually increasing the range, maintaining consistency, the student moves back initially, along the midline, to the free-throw line. Later, beyond the free-throw line to the 3 point shots.

NBSA State representatives will be required to direct a minimum of three NBSA sanctioned tournament events a year. These three events are 1) NBSA State Free Throw Championship (all ages, 8 to 105), 2) NBSA Charity (Your choice) Free Throw Event, and 3) NBSA State Basketball Team Free Throw Championship (Middle school, high school, and college teams compete in their divisions).

For more information about becoming an NBSA Ambassador program or becoming an NBSA State Representative, please contact Jim "Makevery" Schatz by email, jim.freethrowmastery@gmail.com 

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