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Established in November of 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders with a mission to improve free throw shooting at all levels.


Adam Filippi CPT, PES


The Dearborn, Michigan native (2/18/72) grew up living between the US and Italy, and played professionally in the Italian B League. After numerous knee injuries and a playing career that never really took off, at the age of 25, he preferred to start a career in Basketball Operations.

Over the past 23 years his job has taken him all over the world, including Africa, South America, Russia, UAE, Australia, Japan and China. Between scouting the globe and teaching fundamentals on the floor, he lives basketball 365 days a year, keeping abreast of anything and everything happening in the world of hoops.  

Adam Filippi is the current Director of Pro Scouting for the Sacramento Kings, after spending 7 years with the Charlotte Hornets as Director of Global Scouting, and 10 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, winning 3 NBA championship rings. Before joining the Lakers in 2001, he was the youngest scout in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets in 1999, then founded and ran Global Vision, an international scouting service that consulted with various NBA teams and European clubs.

As a player development & shooting coach, Adam has worked with over 100 NBA and overseas professional players. In addition, he has served as a shooting consultant for various teams, coaches and agents seeking help for their players. Specializing in Shooting Technique and an elite shooter himself, in February 2011, Adam released his first instructional basketball book Shoot Like the Pros: the Road to a Successful Shooting Technique, with foreword by Jerry West, which is considered by many coaches to be the best book on the art of shooting ever written. His second book Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting (foreword by Hubie Brown) was released in April 2016. Adam’s books, articles and clinic videos have been adopted by Associations in Slovenia, Italy and Japan. A Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he has conducted mini camps, workshops, and clinics in the USA, Spain, Italy, China, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and more, to teach fundamental basketball skills to players of all ages and levels.

Adam and his wife Gaia are the proud parents of three beautiful girls, Jade 18, Amber 15, and Allegra 12. They divide their time between homes in Miami, Florida and Bologna, Italy. 


• 23 year working experience at NBA and Top European levels
• Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) & Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) by NASM – National Academy Sports Medicine
• 3 NBA Championship Rings (2002, 2009, 2010) with the LA Lakers
• Founded and ran Global Vision - #1 International Scouting Service ’99-’02. Consulted with various NBA Teams and Top        
   European Clubs
• 5 Italian Championships as Director of Scouting/Advisor to GM
• Trained over 100 NBA and Overseas Professional Players
• Author of the instructional basketball book “Shoot like Pros: the Road to a Successful Shooting Technique”, foreword by Jerry
  West, which is considered by many coaches to be the best book on the art of shooting ever written.
• Author of the instructional book “Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting”, foreword by Hubie Brown, the first book to address
   in depth the most unique shot in basketball.
• Speaks 4 languages – English, Italian, Spanish, French
• Travelled to over 45 different countries
• Youngest scout in the NBA 1999 – 2002
• Player Development Coach at Impact Basketball 2007, 2008
• Coached at Giants of Africa Big Man Camp in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008
• Conducted Shooting Clinic in Beijing, China in 2004
• Conducted Shooting Clinic at UCSB with Lakers Sasha Vujacic in 2008
• Conducted Shooting Clinic in Ignacio, Colorado in 2008
• Conducted Shooting Clinic in Port Laoise, Ireland in 2011
• Conducted Shooting Clinic for the Italian Coaches Association in Bologna & Rimini, Italy in 2012
• Conducted Shooting Clinic in Barcelona, Spain in 2013
• Conducted Shooting and Offensive Fundamentals Clinic for the UAE Coaches Association in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2014
• Conducted Shooting Clinic in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015
• In 2004 orchestrated a move for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks to sign Italian stars Laura Macchi and Raffaella Masciadri
• In his first scouting job with Fortitudo Bologna (’97-’98) recruited NBA’s Marko Jaric and Italian National Team legend
  Gianluca Basile
• 94% from Free Throw line in his last playing season in ’96-‘97
• 40 pts in a Italian B League game in 1995
• Grew up in Fortitudo Bologna Club, among the Top Youth Programs in Europe 

Special Skills and Experiences

• Shooting Expertise – I am confident that I have as much knowledge as anyone in this field, thanks to the endless amount of
   time I dedicate to the art of shooting. I have worked with players of all levels, and continue to perfect my craft.
• Player Evaluation / Scouting Expertise – 23 consecutive years.
• 22 year NBA Experience and Credibility – I know the NBA.
• 16 year Player Development Experience – Over 100 Pro Players coached.
• Bi-Cultural/International Basketball and Life Background – Can relate to different people from different places.
• Team Oriented Mentality – Love being part of a team.
• Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Coach – Understand the personal biomechanics of each player’s body.
• Winning Experience (Europe, Lakers) – Have always been around successful environments and people.
• Basketball Lifer – Worked in basketball for 29 yrs (player, scout, coach).
• Student of the Game – Always looking to learn, look for guidance.
• Comfortable “Behind the Scenes” – I know what I am, not in competition with other positions on staff, understand and accept
   the supporting role.
• Physically Fit – Key to enhance workouts, recreate gamelike shots.


3 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS as Director International Scouting with LA Lakers

5 ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS as Director of Scouting or Advisor to GM

“SHOOT LIKE THE PROS: the Road to a Successful Shooting Technique”, instructional book (2011), foreword by Jerry West

“Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting”, instructional book (2016), foreword by Hubie Brown 

"The task of shooting the basketball is one of the more difficult skills in all of sports.
I think Adam Filippi's book “Shoot like the Pros” is the best on shooting that I have ever read. He refines the technique into basic movements from the feet to the final release at the fingers in very basic terms” – Phil Jackson, Hall of Fame Coach

“Adam Filippi has produced a solid book on how to become a better shooter. Anyone can benefit from the content of this work. You will improve your shooting with the fundamental skills and drills found in “Shoot like the Pros” ” – Jim Boeheim, Head Coach Syracuse University – Hall of Fame Coach

“Shooting is such an important part of basketball… especially to win championships! That being said, Adam Filippi has written an excellent book that has very helpful and important advice regarding the fundamentals of shooting the ball. I would recommend this book to any player who wants to improve their game!
– Bill Sharman, Hall of Fame Player & Coach

“Adam has written a comprehensive book on how to improve your shooting skills by touching all the bases. If you are serious about becoming a better shooter, this book is an excellent tool to get you there” – Mike D’Antoni, NBA Head Coach 

"Adam Filippi has written the best organized book on shooting I've ever seen. From the fundamentals, to the mental approach to the drills, this is a shooter's complete encyclopedia.” – Fran Fraschilla, ESPN

"Adam Filippi's "Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting" is one of the best instructional books I have ever seen. A must read for coaches and players of all levels: from the master coach to the youth instructor, from the professional player to the aspiring youngster. This is a sensational book that will serve as an excellent reference throughout your basketball career whether coaching or playing the game."
- Hall of Fame Coach George Raveling

"The instructional pictures and the way Adam breaks it down word wise is extremely easy for any individual to assimilate and apply, no matter what age group or level. Adam is a perfectionist who has spent hundreds or hours meticulously analyzing shooting mechanics and developing his teaching concepts and techniques... and only a perfectionist can grasp the little nuances and details of a correct and efficient free throw shot. This is just an outstanding book."
- Hall of Fame Coach Hubie Brown  


“Having worked with Adam over the course of several continuous weeks, I can attest to his level of knowledge, feel for the game and ability to relate to NBA players. I especially feel that my shooting ability was enhanced because of the time I spent practicing with Adam”.

Calvin Booth – 10 year NBA Player / Ast. GM Denver Nuggets

“I have gotten to know Adam Filippi over the past 15 years, as we have worked camps together and have had many discussions on the art and techniques of shooting the basketball. In that time I have seen Adam work with players from grade school on up to the NBA. I have looked over his shooting analysis several times and am very impressed! It’s the most detailed and intricate analysis of shooting that I have ever seen. I have also read and incorporated his book and ideas into my own coaching and consider him to be one of the leading coaches in the world on shooting”.

Bob MacKinnon – NBA Development League Head Coach

“It is my understanding that Adam is offering his services to NBA teams as a Player Development/Shooting Coach. I feel he would be a very positive influence on both the Coaching Staff and all the young developing players. As a former player and great scout, he has spent endless hours analyzing proper fundamental shooting techniques and perfecting his method of teaching. Adam has authored a wonderful book on the subject of shooting. Any NBA Team and its developing players would benefit tremendously from his instruction and knowledge. I hope he receives serious consideration”.

Bill Bertka – Legendary NBA Coach, Los Angeles Lakers

“When the Pistons organization asked me to improve my perimeter shooting, I began working with Adam Filippi. What I liked was that he did not try to make any major changes to my shot technique, but rather showed me how some very simple hand and finger position adjustments would allow me to control the ball better to stabilize my shot line. He also helped me understand my body better in order to develop a smoother shot rhythm, focusing more on extending my feet and not retracting my shoulders. The next season, my free throw percentage jumped from 71% to 81%”.

Jonas Jerebko – NBA Player, Golden State Warriors

“Adam has the ability to dissect a player’s shot technique and determine how to progress in terms of making the proper adjustments. I fully respect and support his knowledge and teaching methods”.

Mike Dunlap – Former NBA Head Coach / Loyola Marymount Head Coach

“Over the past few years I have consulted often with Adam on the topic of shooting and skill development. Not only is he a knowledgeable and passionate teacher, but a great shooter and demonstrator himself, which helps catch players’ attention. In addition, Adam is a constant student of the game who dedicates hours to exhaustive research and analysis in order to address each individual player’s needs. I feel he can be a huge asset to an NBA staff.

Matt Doherty – Former College Head Coach

“At the Barton Clinic in Stockholm, Sweden, we have had the privilege of having such names as David Blatt and Jim Cleamons, but none have been more appreciated than Coach Adam Filippi. Adam’s shooting clinic was just fantastic: his teaching style was very clear and he covered all areas of shooting development, from youth to elite levels”.

Charles Barton – Swedish Basketball Federation

“I've had the opportunity of working with Adam Filippi for 10 years as a scout with the Los Angeles Lakers. Watching him coach players, I remain impressed with his passion, commitment and knowledge of the game. Adam has especially studied the art of shooting and has worked diligently to develop and improve his teaching methods. I'm absolutely certain that working with Mr. Filippi can add value to the success of any player or organization”.

Irving Thomas Jr. – Scout, Los Angeles Lakers

“Adam - What I just read now in your shooting analysis is pure science. This is basketball in its prime and at its highest level. It's a deep study in how to improve shooting that can be used in a Master’s or Doctor’s thesis. Congratulations on this wonderful shooting masterpiece. Thank you very much for sharing with me this fantastic educational work. I just love it”.

Marcos Mendes – Brazilian Coaches Association

“I was so impressed with the amount of information and content in Adam’s highly acclaimed book “Shoot like the Pros” that I contacted him and begged him to share his chapter on Free Throw Mastery at the National Basketball Shooters Association,, which he gladly did. The book is the most complete and accurate publication on shooting ever written. Adam is a master shooter, who daily shoots 99% from the free throw line and 90% from 3p range”.

Jim Schatz – Director, National Basketball Shooters Association 

NBA veteran Marco Belinelli turned to Adam over the summer and preseason of 2016. With solid career averages of 82% at the free throw line, Marco jumped to a career high 90% at the line for the next 3 seasons.

This is an improvement that has never been recorded before in the NBA.

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