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Established in November of 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders with a mission to improve free throw shooting at all levels.



MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. I never thought 2020 would end as the Coronavirus has slowed us down and made it impossible to receive any funding or conduct any business. We had to adapt, and we have. We are creating a virtual video free-throw mastery instructional program from our NBSA website, in the Free Throw Mastery section. Check it out,

We are now offering members FREE free-throw analysis and 90 days of FREE free-throw mastery instruction from the best of the best. From our NBSA's Elite Free Throw Mastery Instructional Team. Our team is comprised of our 2021 top-ranked NBSA shooters and coaches; Jim Makevery Schatz, Adam Filippi, James Pauley, Ed Palubinskas, Ronn Wyckoff, Bob Owen, and Al Callejas.  Membership required - purchase here!

We will be adding two more elite free-throw mastery instructors to our elite instructional team in a few months to keep up with the instructional demand anticipated. Those additional coaches will come from our NBSA coaches section. FTM teachers and coaches, sign up to appear in that section.  Check if you are there, and If not, and you want to be, contact me. This is also FREE to qualified FTM / NBSA members.

It certainly looks like, in 2021, we will be able to conduct business again. I am now working full time. We are planning to direct our two major basketball shooting events in October, and we are planning to add a third major basketball shooting event in August 2021. The new NBSA major event will be held in Dallas, Texas. After all the details are finalized, we will release the tournament information. (Around March 2021)

Both our NBSA Masters Invitational, held in Las Vegas, and our NBSA / Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship, held in St. George, Utah, are in their 9th year 2021. Our tournament format, our championship rounds, head to head competition has helped the shooters improve dramatically. Masters like Ronn Wyckoff, Bob McCoid, Duane Shaw, and James Pauley have really excelled, getting better every single year.

We are calling our virtual video free-throw mastery instruction and our NBSA competition The Hero's Adventure. Will you answer the call? To be the EXCEPTION. 2021 is the year to be focusing on being the best you can be? Please join us by purchasing a membership. NBSA / FTM membership is required for competing in our NBSA events, for NBSA state and national ranking, for free FTM instruction, and free advertising in our FTM Coaches section for our elite teachers and coaches.

I will be working on our National NBSA program by setting up a calendar of all the known basketball shooting events in every state. We are looking for help by assigning NBSA state representatives and diplomats. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. I look forward to receiving your email, with your new ideas; to volunteer, your instructional articles, new events, programs and instruction, new products, funding, sponsorship, advertising, etc.

NBSA Partners with the Pro Basketball Association

DECEMBER 21, 2021

The National Basketball Shooters Association has partnered with the Pro Basketball Association (PBA) and joined as a sponsor for the 2021 Season. The NBSA as a service will provide shooting analysis for every player in the PBA. Using state of the art software and equipment, the NBSA will analyze each players mechanics from four different angles and a collection of the World’s premiere shot making experts will work with players on ways to improve proficiency and percentages – helping to make their motion and release more consistent and repeatable. 

NBSA Membership Required - Click Here to Purchase!

$10,000 Estimated Prize Pool

(25 and Over)

Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday, October 8, 2021
8:30am - 2:30pm

Location: Heinrich YMCA, 4141 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Held in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games (

Past NBSA Champions: Rick Rosser, Ed Palubinskas, Bob Owen, James Pauley, Bob McCoid, John Ackerman, Mike Scudder,
Fred Newman, Ann O'Neill, Al Callejas and Duane Shaw.

Three NBSA Championship format events:

1.  NBSA National Free Throw Championship (25 shots)
2. NBSA National Three Point Championship (25 shots)
3. NBSA National Make Every Shot Challenge (60 seconds / 2 rounds)

*All three events are combined, both men and women compete together in one division.

This is an OPEN/PRO related event.

The NBSA Championship Format - The top 16 scores from the Age Division Competitions, 50 and over from the Nevada State Senior Games and 25 and over from the NBSA Invitational, qualify and are seeded into a single elimination draw where they go head-to-head alternating shots, first to 25 wins. Tied, sudden death.  Winners advance to the next round to determine the champion.

NBSA Entry Fee $125 - NBSA Membership Fee $50 (required)
Includes: Entry to all three events, certificate of excellence, trophies, sponsor awards, cash prizes,
NBSA ranking and t-shirt.

Deadline - September 30, 2021  *Late Entry $150 at event.

For Information:
Jim "Makevery" Schatz
(Cell) 310-975-5236
2816 Honolulu Ave., #141
Verdugo, CA 91046

Click Here to Purchase Membership and / or Tournament Registration Fee


October 11, 2021 - 8 am to 12:30 pm

Directed by the National Basketball Shooters Association

The top 16 Free Throw Mastery qualifiers, from the Huntsman combined free throw and the three-point event will be seeded and placed in a draw sheet, to compete, head to head alternating shots,
first to 25 wins, ties are sudden death, first to miss loses, to determine
the NBSA / Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Champion 

All (16) Qualifiers Will Receive:
A brand new official NBSA basketball (to be announced soon), sponsor prizes (to be announced soon), NBSA 2021 t-shirt, and an NBSA Certificate of Excellence.

Senior Free Throw World Champion Will Receive:
A brand new official NBSA basketball (to be announced soon), sponsor prizes (to be announced soon), NBSA 2021 t-shirt, and an NBSA Certificate of Excellence.

*The sixteen shooters who qualify must have an NBSA membership to compete.
You can purchase a membership by clicking here. You can also purchase an NBSA membership at the championship.
The membership fee for adults over 25 years of age is $50 per year.

Register on the Huntsman World Senior Games website by clicking here

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2816 Honolulu Ave., #141
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Jim "Makevery" Schatz
Email: jim.freethrowmastery
Phone: (310) 975-5236

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